As you all know, last year, for the 5th year in a row, the store owners chose to go with the commercial that was submitted by Howdy’s West instead of the one submitted by me.

Which is crazy because mine was awesome!


Eddy Kitsis:  ”Unfortunately the cost is, she [Regina] reunited him [Henry] with his mom. And she feels left out.”
(Podcast) Interviewer: “Hopefully won’t last that long.”
Eddy Kitsis: “Hopefully. Or it’s just gonna get really dark. Her mom’s back, she does have quite an influence on her and I don’t know… you know, you can be off the bottle for so long, but every once in a while you may just need a drink and I think people should watch out if that happens.”



30 Days of Swan Queen Challenge - Day 16, Favourite Emma Swan moment (the White Knight saves her Queen, and would do it all over again)